Our mission

The EU-Romania Business Society is a new and independent enterprise for Romanian and European business leaders. We have deep national and international experience, and long-standing ties to the communities and constituencies we serve.

We are a strong force for partnership between private enterprise and public interests, for democratic accountability by government and industry. We act to promote trade and investment between Romania and the rest of Europe, and we advocate for conditions fostering business, investment and strong social and economic development. We champion close co-operation and the exchange of opportunities and ideas between Romania and the country’s European partners. We are committed to support and continue to build Romania’s national industry through a vibrant business climate, foreign partnership and entrepreneurship that produces job creation.

We are strong proponents of the impressive business and investment opportunities that Romania offers, and advocate for further reforms and market protections for national and international investors. We seek to draw international attention to the country’s many assets, including a highly skilled workforce, abundant natural resources and an advantageous geographical location. Our organisation supports and campaigns for conditions favourable for business, focusing especially on issues of transparency, good governance, rule of law, and a legal framework conducive to foreign investment. Part of our role and responsibility is to encourage the government when it is creating conditions for growth and expansion, and to raise questions when standards and actions do not match accepted international practices.

Our activities

  • Roundtable discussions and seminars
  • Networking events
  • Reports and analysis on Romania’s business environment and trade relations
  • Outreach to political audiences to promote favourable business conditions
  • Media activity to promote business and investment opportunity in Romania
  • Monitoring of progress on market liberalization and adherence to creating a level playing field for all industry participants
  • Advise on market entry, joint ventures and public-private partnership
  • Evaluation of risk and value creation

We are committed to build the broadest international network of professional alliances with independent trade, fund and investment groups outside Romania, focused on business, market development, economic generation and knowledge sharing.

We invite and encourage academic, industry and national development institutes to become part of our business federation and work productively with us on projects, publications and events.

Leadership & operations


We are headquartered in Brussels, and we are active across Europe, the UK, and US.